Service Times

We face Jerusalem from every corner


Shacharit (Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday) 8.00 am
Shacharit (Tuesday-Friday) 7.00 am
Mincha, followed by Arbit (Sunday-Thursday) followed by Regular Learning Programme 7.30 pm


(Shabbat Shavuot)

FRIDAY, 26 MAY 2023 – SATURDAY, 27 MAY 2023


Mincha (Erev Shabbat) followed by Kabbalat Shabbat & Arbit 7.15 pm
Shacharit, followed by Musaf & Kiddush 8.30 am
The Od Avinu Hai Youth Minyan 9.30 am
OYH Children’s Service (ages 4-11) 9.45 am
Pirkei Avot Shiur by Dayan Abraham David 7.20 pm
Mincha, followed by Seuda Seleshit 8.20 pm
Arbit 10.11 pm


If any congregant would like a special occasion such as a special Birthday, Birth, Engagement, Wedding, Barmitzvah, Batmitzvah etc to be announced on Shabbat during the Musaf Service, please send details of the special occasion to  David Albert, preferably by the Thursday prior to Shabbat, either by text on 07988 792716 or by e-mail to

Od Yosef Hai